Thinking of All of You

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OOH026 Thinking of You by Caroline GardnerWhile this may not be the case for you personally, I am well aware that the holidays can be very difficult for many of those around us. While celebratory, the holidays can also serve as another reminder of those family and friends who have passed away, or remind us of times not so warm and loving.
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It is during this time of year that I have been sending out a growing number of thinking of you greeting cards to our sales reps, customers, and colleagues; something I have been encouraging my colleagues to do as well. The fact is, sending a thinking of you greeting card can make a big difference to someone who might need an unexpected *pick me up*.

Reminder: Never underestimate the power of actually sending a card to someone “just because”. We would be happy to direct to you a great independent retailer in your area who carries a nice assortment of this occasion!In fact, Small Business Saturday is this Saturday, November 25th, and this would be a perfect time to check out your local gift & stationery store. By the way, please consider shopping local more often than this Saturday! Your community and local retailer will THANK YOU!

All of us at Notes & Queries are thinking of YOU during this holiday season.

Thank YOU for all your support and business!


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