There is Still Time to Order Holiday Cards

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First off, no stress! From my personal experience, one can still receive holiday greeting cards throughout December and the first week of January. (Remember, New Year’s cards are a *thing*!) So, if you are personally feeling behind—no worries! But the fact is, the holiday season comes once a year, and we know that you know how important it is to do everything you can to maximize your sales! Now, let’s be honest here—we know the tendency is to think that just because it is December, one should exclusively sell down on ones' inventory and not reorder merchandise that has sold through. Forgive me for my harsh language here, but POPPYCOCK! Again, do not worry! There is time to get more Christmas in plenty of time for you and your consumers! You might not be aware, but here at Notes & Queries, we prioritize Christmas orders in December and usually ship the same day. You may need to be a little flexible with your design choices, but we always maintain some holiday merchandise of great designs throughout the month.

To be honest, if certain holiday cards are already selling well for you, you should buy more! The naked truth about our business is that while we believe all of our designs will sell equally well when we introduce them, that is not true. If all you have left is slow sellers, your customers will leave and will be unhappy. Notice the emoticon at the right. We all want our customers to go away happy! Early indicators from our retailers are that holiday cards are going strong!

So, don’t miss this opportunity to increase your revenue and add to your profits. Call us on (844) 324-2257, call your local rep, email us at, go online to Whatever you do, be sure you do it.

And I’m going to start working on my own holiday cards this very second! ;)


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