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    Manufacturer: Santoro Ltd.

    Pirouettes are uniquely engineered 3D paper sculptures. Their interactive design and intricate shape showcases exquisite artwork on a 360 degree spin, making them both a card and an extra special gift that the recipient will display and treasure. To order the Pirouette program, simply click the "add to cart" button. The program includes:

    - 6 each of 24 best selling styles of Pirouette Cards at $3.975 each ($572.40)

    - The Pirouette Spinner that is uniquely designed to display these amazing cards. The spinner has a small footprint of 18" x 18" x approx. 70" ($75.00).

    - 24 Display cards at $1.00 each. The display cards are cards you will receive with no packaging to be used on the display. They are provided at a reduced price and eliminates the need to open a new card for display ($24.00).

    To offset the cost of the spinner, you will receive 6 each of 2 designs for free (Offset - $47.70).

    Please note: If you prepay with credit card and are located in the continental U.S., you will receive free shipping on cards only. Shipping costs of fixture apply.